Thursday, October 07, 2004


It's my blog and I can cry if I wanna

Total face plant on the Anatomy test. I am so bummed. I can't believe how hard I studied and then... when I came face to face with the test my mind just blanked. Well, it's been almost 20 years since I did any serious science courses. I better buckle down. I haven't gotten the test back yet, but I know it is going to suck. And I have Chemistry test Monday, too. Sigh. Well, what did I think, it was going to be easy? Well, yeah, I was kind of hopin'... On the happy side, I went back to Weight Watchers. Second week back after reaching my lifetime highpoint. A number way too scary to see in print. I lost 4.6 pounds. So at least something is going right. And my bird Leeloo, is sitting on my shoulder cheering me up. Yes, she is named after Leeloo in the Fifth Element... And it is a gorgeous fall day in NYC so.... things could be worse.


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