Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Farmer's Market Strawberries

Farmer's Market Strawberries

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Look what I found at the farmer's market!!! In downtown Brooklyn, of all places Yeah! Strawberries. Hello, summer (almost).

Blip TV Shameless plug

Blip TV Rules

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OK, I'm sorry but I love blip.tv. The Blip folks had a party last week to celebrate their success. They were kind enough to invite the blip-users yahoo group.... Thanks Blip.tv! Without these guys my vlog would not exist and if anyone is setting up a new vlog I urge you to give them a shot(http://blip.tv). Easy crossposting to your blog and the Internet Archive, too. Ok, I'm sorry to be a commercial but it's great to see such a nice bunch of people do well.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Leeloo's Naptime

Leelo's Naptime

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Leeloo chills with her main man. I am trying to cut back on the Leeloo vids but she was being so sweet I could not help myself....

Tuesday, May 23, 2006



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Why I videoblog. Why I watch videoblogs. Why I believe videoblogging can be a powerful force for expanding our perception of communities and individuals and for breaking down stereotypes. It's way too long, I appologize. I talk too slow and too much. I am working on that. I had a lot on my mind. For the nurses: I do discuss why I blog/vlog about my nursing school experiences and i discuss culturally sensitive nursing.

For the folks whose work I used: Those of you whose licenses I was not sure about, I contacted. The folks with a CC share alike license, I just used your footage. I hope that is ok, please contact me if there is a problem and hopefully we can work it out.

WARNING: There is some profanity in this one as part of the "White Guy" sequence. Just to make a point. No, I don't believe that "All White Guys are (expletive deleted)..." Usually when you say ALL X are Y when it comes to people, you are looking for trouble. Usually.

The "White" Guy Mashup (Order of Appearance)

Richard BF: All White Guys, http://www.kashum.com

Paul Reynoldson: Why The World Laughs at America, http://paulreyno.blogspot.com

Steve Garfield: People Are Future, I Can't Open It http://stevegarfield.blogs.com/videoblog

Michael Verdi: The Yang of Videoblogging, http://michaelverdi.com

Markus Sandy: Elevator Pitch, http://apperceptive.blogspot.com

Jay Dedman: The Talking Head Argument, http://www.momentshowing.net/momentshowing

Jerry Verdi: Wishbone, http://jerryverdi.com

Daily Dancer: Always Look On The Bright Side, http://dailydancer.com

Paul J Knight: Why The World Laughs At America, http://pjkproductions.blogspot.com

Daniel Liss: Season's Greetings, http://mookievlog.blogspot.com

Schlomo Rabinowitz: Lets Go To WonderCon, http://schlomolog.blogspot.com

Andrew Schneider: Degrees of Harmonies, http://whetherman.blogspot.com

Dave Huth: Extraordinary Things 4, http://davemedia.blogspot.com

Friday, May 19, 2006

Great Post: Tips for Nursing School

Head on over to "I am a Nursing Student" and check out Heather's great post "Tips for Nursing School". It's a must read for nursing students.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Nursing Wiki

Check it out: A Nursing Wiki!!!

It's already got some great articles. In the true Wiki spirit.... get in there and contribute y'all! This has the potential to be built into something really usefull. For those of you unfamiliar with Wikis it's a way for a community to share and build an information repository. Exciting and empowering stuff.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Grades and Recharge

The grades are in: B+ accross the board. Not bad for someone worried about failing at one point. Now a couple of weeks to recharge in preparation for the next big push. Just read a great book, "The Color of Water" by James McBride. An excellent read, I recommend it highly.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Knob Joke

Knob Joke

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There has been an intense discussion on the Yahoo Videobloggers list about sexism in the vlogosphere.  Someday, I may actually have something intelligent to add to that discussion.  Right now, though, I am just going to tell a knob joke. 

This post requires some backstory to fully enjoy - If so inclined, the links are here:

Sexism debate 

CAUTION: Includes some fairly tame profanity.  If that bugs you - please don't watch. 

Monday, May 01, 2006

OB Clinical Reflections

OB Reflections

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Reflections on my OB clinical rotation, the home strech of this semester in nursing school, and life in general.  Things are definitely looking up.  Now it's time to study, study, study for finals next week.  Then it's three weeks off before summer session!