Saturday, September 10, 2005

Neonatal and Postpartum

Today (well, yesterday) I had six hours of lecture in the classroom portion of clinical on various aspects of postpartum care and neonatal care. I had no idea I could love a class this much! It is so cool! The instructor is really great. You can tell she is very experienced and loves her job. I can not wait to do the OB clinical!

I did get a little snippy with another student near the end of class, which I sincerely regret. I was getting tired. They were talking kind of loud. Instead of asking them to be quiet nicely, I just turned around and said "shut up!" Not my finest moment, but hey, I spent 12, 000$ to hear the instructor, not them! It is so damn disrespectful to talk in class - to the people around you, the instructor, yourself- for crying out loud! Take it outside or wait till later. Sheesh! Especially when several people start carrying on sidebars at once. Pretty soon you can not hear a thing the instructor is saying.

OK - rant over.


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