Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Blogger's Block

Some days you really wanna say something but it just sounds like more of the same. I am not sure what I want to write today except I feel bad for not writing in a while. It's raining like crazy, I have an exam tomorrow and I guess I am procrastinating a little.

One thing I really have been enjoying is seeing all the interesting places around the country and world that people are stopping by from. Please feel free to leave a comment or question if you want (or not that's ok too). I am particularly interested in whovever is coming in from Rhineland/Pfaltz because my Oma (grandmother) is from Kaiserslautern which is in the Pfaltz. I would love to know a little more about all you guys, wherever you are from, and I will try to answer or respond whenever I can.

Thanks for stopping by!


Blogger Jo said...

I like getting those crazy hits on my blog too. However I've figured out that the ones that hit within an hour of my last post tend to be spammers looking to post spam in your comments.(they get the link from blogger's recently updated list on their home page) So German person may not be a person at all but a computer programmed spammer. If you have your spam block (letter verification) on they may not spam but just skip your site.

You've still got a groupie down here in Texas. :)

8:34 PM  

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