Monday, October 03, 2005

Reflections on Clinical #2

What an intense week! After a really concerted effort this weekend I am within a hair's breadth away from being completely caught up. With a little more of a push on the holiday tomorrow, I can actually get ahead of things. This prospect thrills me, since i feel that I have been playing catch up since the start of the semester. I got a 92 on my first exam and a perfect score on my first online quiz. Today's clinical went very well and I finally feel like there may be hope for me yet....

Happy New Year!


Blogger Kim said...

I am loving your video blogs! I giggled at the two-hour bed bath (been there, did the same thing!), but think of how well you got to know that patient by spending that time! My first bedbath was a hunky twenty-three year old guy. Talk about embarrassment. I was only still makes me blush 30 years later!

5:33 PM  

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