Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Critical Mass

Things are starting to get moving in school. I still have the feeling of being just a little behind all the time. It's good to be challenged, though. I spent almost the entire weekend reading. The reading load is staggering. I am a very fast reader, too, so I can imagine it feels even worse for some of the others. I spent hour after hour trying to slog through it. It paid off, though because in classes today nothing presented seemed unfamiliar and that is a good thing.

Also, our Student Nurses' club (Student Nurses at Pace, NYC) had its first fall meeting today. I was asolutely thrilled to meet a large room full of enthusiastic new students interested in being involved. Out of the group, no less than three people came up to me with ideas how the group could do volunteer work for Katrina survivors, or collect blankets for mothers and babies affected by the hurricane and similar projects. Not "how will SNAP help me" but "how can we use SNAP as a vehicle for helping others". Now we are talking! I love these guys! Several people volunteered for positions and committees and I know the new blood is going to do wonderful things for the club and the community. This makes me a very happy girl. SNAP, NYC is finally reaching critical mass.


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