Friday, January 06, 2006

Great Cookbook

Hi. I was just looking through my vast cookbook colletion and I found this book I kind of forgot about. This book was my lifeline when I was caring for my uncle Jerry. It's called "Laurel's Kitchen Caring: whole-food recipes for everyday home care giving". Here is a quote:

"In the past several years, because of sad events, I have been priviledged to watch some fine caregivers in action. This little book hopes to carry their spirit to people who have these precious opportunities, and want to give their best. During this time my own behind-the-lines contribution has been on the Kitchen Patrol, and so here you have recipes, some of my own, and some from friends, ranging from comfort dishes for childhood snuffles and grumps, to real-food sustinence for people who are so ill they find it hard to eat at all."


"There's some old, deep wisdom in the belief that when you, with a loving heart, prepare and give a delectable sweet treat, you may for a short time ease the bittrness of someone's sickness, or even, their sadness."

A great book, loaded with stories about caregiving among the recipes. An excellent book to recommend to the caregivers you know.


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