Saturday, February 04, 2006

Save Christine

I recently received an appeal from a Lienhard Nursing School/Pace University graduate. Marc Pechera graduated last year. Unfortunately, his sister has been diagnosed with cancer and she needs a bone marrow transplant. She is filipino, and apparently that makes finding a matching donor even more difficult. I am trying to spread the word by posting a link to their website, SAVE CHRISTINE

Please visit the site and spread the word as far as you can. If you are interested in registering as a bone marrow donor visit their site or

I know a number of folks from the Phillipines visit my site: please spread the word. There is more of a chance to find a match there, I would think.



Blogger Francisco Daum said...

I just updated my contact info with the database. Everyone from my graduating class in August 2003 at the NYC Fire Academy are part of the bone marrow database program. They made it available to us via the blood donor drive.

11:06 PM  

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