Sunday, March 12, 2006

Why Choose Nursing (or Not) - Miss B speaks

I greatly admire MissBHavens.
She puts out one of my favorite video blogs, "The miscellaneous mischievous missadventures of misbhavens" which I visit regularly. I highly recommend it. A while back I did a "Why Nursing" post and I asked other nurses to join me. MissB has done an absolutely honest post about a very difficult day in her life as a nurse. I think it is just as important for those of us entering the profession to see this side of the coin as well as the upside.

I sincerely hope we all commit to join together as nurses to build each other up instead of tearing each other down. I know it sounds naive, but that is what I intend to strive for in my new professional life.

Thank you, MissBHavens for your wonderful and honest post.

Click here for her post. Or here for her blog.


Blogger Nurse Practitioners Save Lives said...

It almost tore my heart out to see her pain. It was brutally honest but something people should see. It shows just how much we care in this profession..Blogging together keeps us strong..

5:28 PM  
Blogger Nurse2B said...

I totally agree! That was a very brave and deeply touching post. Video can really capture the immediacy of pain in a way that writing can not always do. I hope we can find ways of supporting each other more via this medium.

6:03 PM  
Blogger Third Degree Nurse said...

She broke my heart, too. I'm worried about her.

I had to threaten to come over there to the Big Apple if she doesn't post that she's OK soon.

I'm agree w/Monika. I'm really glad she didn't edit that out; it captured the truth of how she really feels.

7:02 PM  
Blogger missbhavens said...

Oh, gosh, guys. I'm really speechless. I had no idea that post would have such an effect on anyone. I just came home from a vicious shift know.You've probably experienced that same frustration and sadness. I'm just so deeply touched by people's responses that I'm not quite sure what to do.

I'll be okay.

1:43 AM  

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